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A perfect crime? A half-carafe with a stranger. A portrait leads to an identity crisis. Loss of a corner office induces mid-life crisis. Opposing lawyers fall in love.

These are some of my storylines. My fiction addresses such subjects as estrangement and belonging, the ways immigrants adapt, disability, social transgression, self-delusion, mental illness, genetic testing. My enjoyment of mystery and humor is reflected throughout.

Photograph of Adrian Spratt
After graduating summa cum laude in English from Amherst College and earning my law degree from Harvard, I practiced law for twenty years (first criminal, then consumer protection) before dedicating myself to writing fiction. On the following webpages, I present excerpts, essays and several of my shorter pieces, some of which have been published previously. My main interest is writing novels, and I hope one day to make my current novel, “Caroline,” available.

From time to time, I post essays on the blog part of this website. Visitors can be notified of future posts by subscribing in the form at the bottom of each blog page.

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I will be delighted if visitors leave comments, whether observations, criticisms or praise. Requests to withhold identifying information will be honored, but in that case, please give yourself a pseudonym that you will use should you leave comments in the future. Comments will not be edited, but any that seem inappropriate may not be posted. I am new to comment moderation, so I can’t be sure what I will find inappropriate beyond saying that if you’re tempted to rant, try to avoid going over the top.


A lawyer can hardly resist an opportunity for a disclaimer or two. No statement on this website constitutes or is intended as legal advice. Also, resemblance of any person, living or otherwise, to any of my fictional characters is strictly coincidental. Even in my nonfiction, names have been changed and biographical details altered, and often traits of several people are combined into a single character. The exceptions, apart from myself, are mainly my parents and brother, although their perspectives undoubtedly differ. My mother is with us now only in spirit, but I know she’s with the program. Any other exceptions are noted.