My novel Caroline will be available on February 15.

Front cover of Caroline, a novel by Adrian Spratt. Features a collage including New York City at night, locks of red hair, a vinyl record, a typewriter and a woman's legs in black tights.

Caroline: a novel

In 1980s New York City, young lawyer Nick Coleman meets free spirit Caroline Sedlak in an evening fiction writing course. A vivacious fixture at a Greenwich Village bar, she remains mysterious about her life until their teacher reads her story submission to the class, and Nick realizes that a darker past lurks beneath her happy-go-lucky exterior.

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Print, audio and epub versions will also be available for pre-order soon.

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I periodically post commentary, satirical pieces and brief stories that cover subjects as diverse as denial, comedy, the arrival of spring, a visit to a childhood home, disabled people in mainstream society, plans for eternity at a celebrated cemetery, a fondly remembered cat, the value of longing, how to measure pain during a pandemic, and much more.

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